EZWheeler Cart

  • Ergonomically designed and tested by nationally recognized Human Factors expert
  • Basket front falls down to a 90 degree angle allowing easy removal of items
  • Convenient turn-handle easily lifts the basket to table height
  • Sturdy steel-frame construction
  • Large diameter wheels for pushing, turning and absorbing bumps
  • Front wheels swivel to turn on a dime
  • Removable basket snaps in place on the cart
  • Easy access basket door to allow removal of laundry at dryer door level
  • Large cushion-grip handles for easy gripping
  • Easy to turn handle lifts and lowers the load

What can the EZ Wheeler™ do for your staff and residents?

  • Lifts and carries laundry, groceries and more
  • Reduces lifting, carrying, bending and stooping
  • Helps maintain balance; Lowers risk of fall
  • Promotes independence