Creative Action LLC works with clients to assess strategic issues facing an organization or business, both now and in the future. We help companies understand their current circumstances and formulate strategies to strengthen and improve their business in the future. We work with clients to develop operational plans to implement a comprehensive strategic vision and maximize market opportunities.

Planning Clients



    The Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA) contracted with us to prepare a complementary paratransit service plan to assure PARTA's compliance with requirements associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This work included organizing and implementing a community advisory process so that the plan could be developed in a collaborative setting. Additionally, preparation of the plan was completed jointly by PARTA and Portage County government to assure maximum coordination of services and cost-effective use of resources in the plan development process.

    As a result of our services, PARTA grew from an organization with no operating budget, fleet of vehicles and services to the public to an organization with a $750,000 + budget, a fleet of 20 vehicles, and a network of fixed route and door-to-door services. State and federal urban and rural public transportation funding, demonstration projects, and service contracts supported these services and resulted in coordinated transportation services among agencies for their clients and customers.

  • Project ACTION

    Project ACTION

    Creative Action Inc. completed a market research study for two geographically dispersed transit authorities. The project focused on identifying frail elderly and others with disabilities, estimating their numbers and characteristics, understanding travel behavior and concerns, and assessing their needs in relation to available transportation services.

    Focus groups were conducted among the elderly, people with disabilities, and social service agency personnel, and travel diaries were completed to understand travel behaviors and unmet travel needs. Analyses of social service agency client information and use of a special 1-800 number analyses were also completed.

    Results were used to plan, develop, and market public transportation services for older adults, people with disabilities, and the general public.

  • MC & WRTA

    MC & WRTA

    Creative Action LLC has provided and continues to provide consulting services to assist the Mahoning County Commissioners and the Western Reserve Transit Authority (WRTA) in developing a coordinated framework for integrated transportation services in the county. We prepared Mahoning County's successful competitive application to the Ohio Department of Transportation for special transportation coordination funding through ODOT's Ohio Coordination Program. Mahoning County was one of seven projects in the state that received funding for a second year of transportation coordination activities. Priority activities for the second year included adding additional agencies to WRTA's computer-based paratransit scheduling and dispatching system and integration of the transportation requirements of the County Department of Human Service and the Mahoning County Office of the Ohio Rehabilitation Service Commission into the coordination project through WRTA.

    We designed and completed a survey of existing transportation service providers in Mahoning County. In addition to profiling the characteristics of transportation services, we determined the potential interest among Mahoning County agencies in coordinating transportation services through centralized activities.

    A Service Plan for Transportation Coordination has been completed and adopted by the Mahoning County Transportation Steering Committee's Executive Committee as the plan by which transportation services in Mahoning County will be coordinated.

    We assisted the WRTA to complete a two-step Request for Qualifications and request for Proposals process to place transportation service providers under contract with WRTA.

    We have prepared a number of grant proposals for WRTA that have been successful in securing additional funding to support the development and delivery of transportation services. These include the Federal Transit AdministrationÕs Job Access and Reverse Commute Program and the U.S. Department of LaborÕs Competitive Grant Program in support of TANF Programs.



    Members of our team completed a year-long Strategic Market Development Plan for Metro Regional Transit Authority in Akron, Ohio. Findings and recommendations were used to establish a long-range marketing plan and program, including objectives and strategies; identify target markets; develop advertising and public relations campaigns; create marketing materials and messages; improve public timetables and system maps.

    Further, results were used to plan and design restructured fixed-routes; substitute neighborhood service for fixed-route service; service development in new areas; and paratransit expansion countywide from urban to rural areas. Implementation of recommendations increased ridership 4% during the next fiscal year, stemming annual declines of 2% per year for the previous ten years.

    Evaluation of the new marketing program was established to monitor results. Methodology and results were presented at a national APTA conference. We provided technical assistance and training services for completion of a passenger count inventory of all fixed-route service, including development of an extensive database.

  • WCTA


    We completed a feasibility study for coordination of Section 203 Shared-Ride Services for older adults in Westmoreland County. This assessment involved collecting and analyzing current performance and cost characteristics of ten discrete transportation providers, 1990 census demographic and economic statistics. It also included conducting personal interviews and strategic discussion sessions among key county leaders and representative residents.

    Analysis of results determined the need for and feasibility of coordination of the Shared-Ride Services. This formed the basis for developing a plan for implementation; monitoring and evaluating service provisions; processes and procedures for establishing coordination; and determining who the coordinator should be. Consensus-building efforts generated by the feasibility study have resulted in increased cooperation among public and private transportation providers and enhanced service provision for older adults, people with disabilities and other county residents.

    Due to the success of the coordination model, the Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging contracted with us to facilitate organizational strategic planning and goal setting with the Westmoreland County Guardianship Task Force.

Organizational Development

Creative Action LLC helps clients to understand the present state of their organization and relationships with external organizations. Through techniques in organizational analysis we are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company and its personnel. Collaboratively, we develop action plans to focus hiring, reorganization, and team building to improve productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Development Clients



    We completed the welfare to work Transportation Plan for the Department of Human Services. This plan included in the Community Plan that the Board of Mahoning County Commissioners submitted by April 1, 1998 for approval of their partnership Agreement with the Ohio Department of Human Services by July 1, 1998.

    Development of this plan was integrated with development of a Service Plan for Transportation Coordination in Mahoning County. This project includes developing a transportation questionnaire that the Department of Human Services can use to better understand the transportation capabilities of its TANF participants.

  • AARP


    We completed a policy paper for AARP on the role of service routes in providing responsive transportation services to older adults. The paper presented the framework of a family of transportation services through which people make choices to meet their travel needs.

    The family of transportation services looks at the degree of independence that various modes of transportation afford people and includes private and public modes of transportation. Service routes represent a public mode that can be a responsive alternative to fixed route and door to door transportation service.



    We provided consulting services to the Youngstown Area Community Action Council. Our services focused on developing and strengthening the operation and management of their transportation service program. We also worked with them to identify and seek to develop collaborative relationships with other agencies in Mahoning County.

  • AGMC


    We completed a market research study of the feasibility of developing a new, medical and health service-based fitness center in a growing suburban commercial center in the Akron metropolitan area. The research, which concluded that such a facility would be feasible, resulted in the opening of Akron General's new Lifestyles health and fitness center in Montrose near the intersection of Interstate 77 and State Route 18 in western Summit County.


Creative Action LLC helps clients to understand the present state of their organization and relationships with external organizations. Through techniques in organizational analysis we are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company and its personnel. Collaboratively, we develop action plans to focus hiring, reorganization, and team building to improve productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Research Clients



    n October, 1999, Creative Action Inc. entered into a contract with the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services to conduct the 2000 Self-sufficiency Survey. The target of the survey was individuals who were receiving benefits and who had left the system through sanctioning or voluntary termination. The department wished to determine the extent to which these individuals were progressing toward the department mission of client self-sufficiency. The intent of the study was to increase understanding of the challenges faced by individuals whose benefits were soon to end.

    The Self-sufficiency Survey involved telephone and in-person interviews with individuals who received services for at least 2 months between July and December, 1999, but were not receiving services in January or February, 2000. To complete this study, we developed a database of information on individuals who had contact with the OWF system but were not currently participating. We verified that existing information was correct for individuals in the database and updated information on individuals through the help of partnership agencies and in cooperation with CSDFJS staff. We contacted individuals to obtain an appointment for each to complete an assessment interview, and completed an interview for each individual by telephone or in person. A total of 848 interviews were completed: 578 (68%) with individuals over the phone and 270 (32%) with persons in the field.



    We completed extensive client satisfaction surveys for the Summit County Board in support of their national CARF certification for the years 1996, 1997, and 1999. Our responsibilities included designing a complex survey instrument that would be used to interview Board clients and parents, focusing on satisfaction with the range of services that the Board provides.

    Particular care was taken to ensure that the questionnaire was designed to ensure that clients at different levels of developmental functioning could respond to the questions. Our services included survey design, questionnaire development, and completion of personal interviews with clients and telephone interviews with parents of clients, design of the database, development of detailed frequency and cross-tabulation statistical summaries, and completion of a report documenting the survey results.

  • GCGA


    We completed a three-phase market research project on the need for transportation services and information by tourists in downtown Cleveland. Baseline personal interviews were completed with people in downtown Cleveland at major venues that tourists could be expected to visit.

    Two follow-up surveys were completed. One was completed during summer months when the Cleveland Indians were playing and people would be vacationing. The second follow-up survey was completed during the holiday shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.



    We completed a study for NHTSA to evaluate the feasibility of family and friends to assist unsafe older drivers to modify or stop problem driving behaviors. Research began with a comprehensive review of the literature and public information materials on family and friends' involvement with driving decisions of older adults.

    The research identified current state and provincial requirements and practices regarding identification of high risk older drivers. Other activities included conducting focus groups among young, middle, and older adult drivers, and assembling an expert panel of driving and aging professionals who provided additional input, insight and suggestions for interventions.

    Results have been used to develop legislation recommendations, guidelines, and other nationally available materials.